Peak Asset Solutions provides loan workout services for commercial real estate borrowers. We have successfully performed commercial loan workouts in many states, involving a variety of commercial property types including:

  • Multi-family residential
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Retail

Our clients are commercial mortgage loan borrowers who are facing either present or prospective crises regarding their lender relationships. Those crises may be due to:

  • Falling values of their mortgage properties
  • Declines in their operating businesses
  • Pending increases in loan payments
  • Approaching note maturities

Whatever the cause, troubled borrowers need assistance in:

  • Evaluating their circumstances
  • Developing specific courses of action to resolve their problems
  • Negotiating with their banks, insurance companies, private lenders or loan servicers

After completing our initial review, the actual “workout” we recommend usually takes one of three forms:

  • A loan modification which may include an interest rate reduction, interest-only payments or extension of the maturity date
  • A short sale of the mortgaged property at a price below the amount of the loan
  • A purchase of the loan by a third party at a reduced price equivalent to the reduced value of the mortgaged property

Each of these three workout solutions results in different tax consequences and we refer borrowers to competent tax advisors.

We perform our initial loan review at no cost to the prospective client. If the client decides to use our services, the client pays for our services as each stage of the work is completed and at the closing of the workout transaction.

Peak Asset Solutions is part of the Peak Corporate Network entities, a one-stop resource for ‘Everything Real Estate.’ As a leading authority in the real estate industry, since 1991, home owners, home buyers, agents and brokers, lenders, servicers, investors and financial professionals have come to depend on the Peak Corporate Network entities to provide the expertise, services and dynamic solutions for all of their real estate needs.

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The Peak Corporate Network entities’ Value Proposition:

  • One-stop resource for ‘Everything Real Estate’
  • Seamless integration of services
  • Expertise and years of experience
  • Boutique-level of service/institutional security
  • Access to decision-makers
  • One point of contact
  • Willingness to think outside-the-box
  • Nationwide presence

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